Tour to Lake Sevan, Sevanavank, Dilijan, Goshavank, and Haghartsin1 Day | Lake Sevan, Sevanavank, Dilijan, Goshavank, Haghartsin

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Armenia is a country rich for its sightseeings. To see all the treasures, one week is not enough, but even in this one-day tour Lake Sevan, Sevanavank, Dilijan, Goshavank, Haghartsin it is possible to touch the placer of diamonds stretching from Yerevan to the north-east of the country. You will have an opportunity to visit not only the monuments of the medieval architecture of Armenia but also the main pearl of the land – the mountain Lake Sevan.

Tour itinerary:

Yerevan – Lake Sevan – Sevanavank – Dilijan – Goshavank – Haghartsin – Yerevan

A picturesque trip to Lake Sevan starts after breakfast. You will stop at Lake Sevan to enjoy “The Jewel of Armenia” or the “Geghama Sea” which is one of the world's largest high-mountainous freshwater lakes. Drive to Sevanavank. Visit the remnants of the monastery that include two temples – Surb Arakelots and Surb Karapet standing among numerous khachkars. The buildings were constructed from black tuff which probably gave the monastery its name “Sevanavank – “the Black Monastery”. Today the two black temples of Sevan stand deserted like two guards of this ancient lake. The view from there is simply magnificent: the mountains surround the lake from all sides and snow tops are seen almost on the entire perimeter and disappear behind the horizon. The next milestone is Dilijan, the most famous tourist spot where you will see the monastery complexes of Goshavank and Haghartsin. Goshavank will tell you how a medieval major university with its own library in Armenia was alike. The monastic complex of Goshavank is the best place to explore “khachkars” - Armenian cross-stones. Haghartsin is a monastery, the construction of which took three centuries (10-13 c.c.). The place was famous for eagle games as reflected in its name - "Hagh" means a game while "Artsin" a form of "Artsiv" means eagle in Armenian. Depart back to Yerevan. Return to Yerevan. Drop off at your hotel.

Duration: 8 hours

Price includes:

  1. Transportation;
  2. Service of guide;
  3. Entrance fees to sights as per itinerary;
  4. Mineral water.

Price doesn't include:

  1. Tips are not included, but would be appreciated.

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