Constitution Day in Azerbaijan

November 12

Since November 12, 1995, Constitution Day in Azerbaijan has been observed annually in honor of the document which laid the foundation for statehood in the newly formed republic.

Azerbaijan has actually had four constitutions whose origins date back to Soviet times. The All-Azerbaijani Congress of Soviets adopted the first Constitution of Azerbaijan on May 19, 1921. This was amended in 1925 and followed by a final Azerbaijan SSR Constitution which was drafted on April 21, 1978. As this constitution was in compliance with USSR law and protocol, Azerbaijan’s government recognized the need for a new constitution after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev established a constitutional commission in 1995, and on November 12 of that same year, the first constitution of independent Azerbaijan was adopted by referendum. Azerbaijan’s constitution now consists of 5 sections, 12 chapters and 158 articles.

Observed as a public holiday until 2006, Constitution Day in Azerbaijan is now a working holiday that continues to hold great national significance for the Azerbaijan population.

Constitution Day The day, when the fundamental law of the country was adopted, is a great holiday for all citizens of Azerbaijan.