Holidays in Azerbaijan: 9 May

9 May – Victory Day

Victory Day in Azerbaijan

Victory Day over Nazism is one of the most remarkable national holidays for Azerbaijan. On 9 May the Azerbaijan people commemorate the perished; laying wreathes and flowers to a Unknown Soldier's Grave, and also congratulate the surviving battle-front veterans. 9 May in Azerbaijan is a public day.

In wartime, Azerbaijan was one of the first to be subject to attack of Hitler’s forces, since more than 80 percents of the enterprises for oil exploration of the Soviet republics were located around Baku. In the course of the battle for the Caucuses, the Germans were charged with a task to seize Baku and Baku oil production region. To protect the Motherland more than 60,000 soldiers were called up.

On 25 September 1942 the Germans began the operation «Edelweiss» to seize the Caucuses, but even having lost over 100,000 people they never got around to seizing the region. 128 Azerbaijani soldiers were awarded the Title of Hero of the Soviet Union, with three of them twice. Furthermore, Azerbaijani partisan parties were operating in the territory occupied by the Germans, in France, Italy, the Crimea and Belarus. There are still monuments and memorials to Azerbaijan soldiers-liberators not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the USSR’s former countries (Taganrog, Yalta and Sevastopol).

Azerbaijan holds official festive events on Victory Day. The country’s authorities and common citizens congratulate the battle-front veterans. One of the most important events is a military parade, held in Azerbaijan’s capital – Baku. The parade is participated by both ground forces, and naval forces of the country. The culmination of the holiday is fireworks in honor of Victory Day.