Day Hike to Birtvisi Canyon1 Day | Birtvisi Canyon

Day Hike to Birtvisi Canyon

If the combination of stunning scenery, ruins of remote historical castles, drastic cliffs and extreme hiking appeals to you, then you won’t want to miss the Day Hike to Birtvisi Canyon! Located just 60 km from Tbilisi, the site is growing in popularity among locals and adventure travelers. Birtvisi offers visitors a wide variety of landscapes in a compact area: Narrow, rocky canyons and oak forests blend with castle ruins which tower atop the canyon’s cliffs, giving a mystical touch to the scenery. Hiking in Birtvisi Canyon will revitalize your spirit while bringing history to life among the ruins of medieval fortresses and castles.

Tour itinerary:

Tbilisi – Birtvisi Canyon – Tbilisi
Our Day Hike to Birtvisi Canyon starts at 09:00, when our driver and guide will pick you up at your hotel in Tbilisi. The drive will take you deep into the southwestern countryside towards Kvemo Kartli Region. Reach Algeti National Park (Trialeti National Park) around 10am to start hiking to Birtvisi Canyon. After walking through Tbisi village and passing the last house, the path begins a quick ascent up the left side of a wooded ridge. As you follow the path, passing through narrow gorges and forested valleys, magnificent panoramic views of the canyon will unfold before your eyes. The walk will take us to a cozy campground where we will take a short rest before continuing. For the next part of the hike we will follow a small river that flows serenely between the canyons. At the very end of this path we will discover the ruins of an old, hidden castle. Climb a gradual ascent, scrambling between giant boulders to complete the route. To navigate the challenging terrain to reach the last fortress, it will be necessary to use your hands for balance, but your effort will be rewarded with a picturesque landscape! The stunning view will unveil rock formations dramatically scattered amid forests.
On the return descent to Tbisi, it is possible to take one of several routes that loops around the mountain, allowing you to enjoy additional breathtaking views.
Drive back to Tbilisi and return to your hotel.

Duration of hike: 5-6 hours

Difficulty level: moderate to challenging

Please note: For hiking in Birtvisi, dry weather is preferable, as slick rocks can make the hike dangerous.

Price includes:

1. All transfers as per itinerary;
2. Sightseeing program with English-speaking guide;
3. Mineral water (0.5 litre per person);
4. Picnic lunch (without alcohol).

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