Benefits of Georgian Wine

Health Benefits of Drinking Georgian Wine

If you ask a Georgian which wine is the best for health, the reply is quite simple: all. Then they clarify: ”All wines are healthy, if you keep to drinking one glass at your dinner. Any is harmful if you use it immoderately".

Advice from winemakers states: better to drink the healthiest “live” wine. So what do they mean by the term “live”?

  • Non-scalded wine due to death of bacteria during heating, thus the wine “doesn’t get old”;
  • Non-filtered. As filtration destroys the flora of the beverage;
  • Organic wine – produced from organically grown vines, without chemicals. As there is no effective way to clean wine from chemicals that increase yield and exterminates pests.

Wines are considered “live” because after year-long bottled ageing, they get delicate fruity bouquet and soft velvety taste. This is the genuine treasure of natural antioxidants.

Kakhetian winemakers remind that aroma of young red wine does not unfold entirely. Thus, when a wine bottle is uncorked, the beverage that gets in touch with the oxygen and begins to “breathe”. To intensify it, connoisseurs pour wine to decanters – special glass dish. It is considered that decanters are used for separating the sediments. But this is only half true. The shape of decanter is so that wine in it comes closely in contact with air and quickly fills with oxygen. If you don’t have a decanter - this is no problem. Fill your wine-glass; just let it “breathe” for some time and it will taste rich.

And here is the last but not less important advice: while travelling in Georgia, try to be picky when purchasing wine. Hereditary winemaker from the ancient capital of Georgia, from the town of Mtskheta share with us sadly that “powder wines” have reached Georgia as well. Taste and buy your wine only in the wineries recommended by your guides, only then you will fully enjoy the color, aroma, flavor and healing features of the legendary Georgian wine.