Tajik Cuisine - Soups

Soups in Tajik cuisine are very thick, rich, with aroma of spices. Tajik housewives season their soups with fresh tomatoes and sour-milk products such as suz'ma, katyk, kimak, kurut.

Tajiks cook their soups basically from meat, bone broth or preliminary frying thinly cut meat, sometimes with milk or vegetable broth. The most popular soups are shurbo, ugro. It is customary in Tajik cuisine to add red pepper, barberry, anise, saffron to soups. The popular spicy greens are chopped coriander, fennel, parsley, mint, raikhon, green onions, and sorrel. Tajiks serve soups in special ware: kasa, pialah, round and oval deep bowl - tavak. Clay, ceramic ware is especially appreciated, since soups remain hot longer in them. Here is what traditional Tajik soups are…

Mastoba - big pieces of mutton are fried with tomatoes and other vegetables, then water is added to be cooked in for 20 minutes with subsequent addition of rice and katyk.

Lagman (Noodles with meat)

Unleavened dough is rolled out to obtain a thing sheet and cut into thin long noodles. The noodles are boiled in salted water.

After that they cook a special sauce - kaily. To make it they cube-cut meat, potatoes, carrots, Bulgarian pepper, fresh cabbage, onions, fresh tomatoes, chopped garlic, greens and fry them in heated fat. Then they add a little water, season with spices, salt and stew on small fire for 30-40 minutes. Before serving the boiled noodles are sauced with addition of greens and sour milk.

Ugro (Noodle soup with meat)

Large pieces of mutton or beef are put in cold water along with carrots and onions and cook until it boils. Then they add peas (preliminary soaked), and in 30-40 minutes - potatoes in the boiling mixture. Ugro (the finest noodles) is prepared separately. Before serving the soup is seasoned with sour milk, chopped greens.

Shavlya (soup with rice)

Fried mutton pieces are covered with hot water or broth; salt, pepper, straw-cut carrots are added and cook until it starts boiling. After that they add browned onions, rice, cook until the mixture thickens and stew in oven until ready.

Kaurmo Shurbo

Mutton flesh is fried in a pot until brown crust formation; then they put straw-cut onions, carrots and fry for another 5-7 minutes. After that they put tomatoes cut in small pieces. All this is covered with cold water and cooked until it boils on small fire. 30 minutes before it's ready it is necessary to add potatoes, shredded Bulgarian pepper, spices. Cooked shurbo is to be strewn with greens. Boiled meat and potatoes are served separately on a wooden dish.


Thinly chopped onion is fried in melted sheep fat, and then flour is added to be fried to golden color. After that the mixture is covered with water and stewed for 8 -10 minutes. The ready soup should be a thick a sour-cream. Before serving the soup is seasoned with vegetable oil, salt, pepper, spices.

Naryn (soup from horse meat)

Smoked and fresh mutton, lard and kazy are boiled until ready; after that they are taken out from broth, cooled down and cut in straws. Noodles are boiled in salted water. They serve it on a plate; first go meat, lard, kazy, noodles and browned onion; then they strew it with pepper add hot broth.