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Group Tours and Private Boysun Trips

Boysun tours welcome you to one of the most colorful corners of Central Asia, where time has seemingly stood still. This mountain village in Uzbekistan’s Hissar Range is so seeped in culture and endangered traditions that the entire community is protected as a UNESCO site. Boysun remains a point of curiosity even within Uzbekistan, and visitors wishing to experience history, small-town culture, the calm of nature and ancient Zoroastrian and Islamic traditions need look no further.

Boysun tours may include overnighting in a family guesthouse, feasting on homecooked food and freshly baked bread, exploring ancient Teshik-Tash Cave and nearby petroglyphs or unwinding in quiet forest glades while breathing in fresh mountain air. Tourists who come in spring can time their visit with Boysun Bahori Festival, a vibrant affair filled with song, dance, handicrafts and other flamboyant displays of Boysun’s unique culture.

Tour to Termez from Tashkent

3 Day Tour to Termez from Tashkent

Tour to Termez takes you from Tashkent into one of the most fascinating corners of Uzbekistan. This 3-day package includes a guided tour of the ancient Buddhist center of Termez and exploration of the exotic Surxondaryo Region, including Sangardek Waterfall, Boysun village and Derbent Canyon.

Termez, Sangardak Waterfall, Boysun, Derbent, Karshi

Details3 Days | Spring
from US$ 430 per person