Legend about Uzbekistan

By the ancient legend, the Lord allotted lands of the created world to all nations. Being kind and friendly, Uzbek made the way for everyone in the crowd: “Please, pass. Markhamat.”

When, finally, it was his turn, the Lord said to him: "My son, you came too late. I have already finished the allotment of lands. Where were you before?" Uzbek bowed to the Heavenly Father and, laying his hand on his chest, said," Oh, our Creator! You taught me to be always merciful and to love neighbors. And I, the servant of God, gave the way to everyone who wished to go forward and therefore I am the last who appeared before your eyes".

Face of God brightened up and pure smile lit up his face. He said: "My son, Uzbek! You turned out a truly generous person with pure soul. And now I am going to give you land that I left for myself and which is like a paradise."

So the Creator of Heaven and Earth gave Uzbek the land which was between two large rivers, flowing from the mountains. The name of this land is Uzbekistan.