International Festival of Gold Embroidery and Jewelry

Date: from 21-MAY-22 to 25-MAY-22
City: Bukhara
1st International Festival of Gold Embroidery and Jewelry

About the festival:

Starting from 2022, the International Festival of Gold Embroidery and Jewelry will be held in Bukhara in May every two years.

The festival in 2022 will be organized on 21-25 May and will host a scientific and practical conference on the theme "Prospects for the development of traditional gold embroidery and jewelry art."

Also, in the city of Tashkent, the annual international exhibition and sale of modern equipment, technologies and jewelry industry products "Uzbek Jewelery Fair" will be held with the involvement of representatives of the jewelry industry of foreign countries, foreign investors, experts and specialists.

Gold embroidery is embroidery with gold and silver thread - a very ancient kind of needlework. Historical records give the evidence of the existence of gold embroidery as early as in the Middle Ages. This kind of needlework was wide-spread in many parts of the world, and Uzbekistan was not an exception. However, its special embroidery techniques and national patterns make the golden-embroidered products a unique and original souvenir for tourists visiting Uzbekistan.

Today Uzbek traditions of jewelry are revived due to families of masters who in spite of low demand in the 20th century continued their work. Jewelry shops again display gold and silver articles, made in Uzbek classic style. Craftsmen unite with each other, creating craft centers and their works are exhibited on specialized jewelry exhibitions more frequent. Year by year the interest to the unique style of Uzbek jewelers increases even abroad. Uzbekistan jewelry art is the rich unique culture, which is reviving, keeping up knowledge and secrets of craft stored for centuries.