Bukhara History

Review of Bukhara history from ancient times till the present

  1. The ancient city - Bukhara
  2. Archaeological Survey, Excavations and Exploration
  3. The etymology of the place name "Bukhara"
  4. The early Middle Ages
  5. Bukhara under the Arabian conquest
  6. Bukhara after the Arabian conquest
  7. Architecture in the Samanid period
  8. Science and Culture in the Samanid period
  9. Struggle between the Samanids and the Karakhanids
  10. Bukhara under Mongols and Temurids
  11. Bukhara renewal
  12. Amir Temur epoch
  13. Bukhara under Ulugbek rulling
  14. Varahsha city
  15. Bukhara architecture