Top Khiva Restaurants and Cafes

You will wonder that Khiva restaurants and cafes are located directly in the historical sights of this ancient city: in Itchan-Kala and Dishan-Kala. Here you may taste traditional dishes of the region: shuvit oshi (green spaghetti with vegetable bullion), tukhum barak (dumpling with egg filling), Khorezm pilaf with yellow carrot and white rice, different from Tashkent, Ferghana and Samarkand pilaf recipes. Visiting picturesque chaykhanas, cafes and restaurants surrounded by ancient sights, you will travel to medieval Khiva.

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Art Restaurant Madrassah of Allakulihan, Khiva Address: Itchan Kala, Madrasah of Allakulikhan, Khiva
Phone: +99862 375-24-55
Cuisine: Uzbek
Advance reservation
Popular dishes: mastava, tukhum barak, Khorezm pilaff, manty, kiyma "Zeravshan"(stuffed with meat in egg batter)
Description: Art-Restaurant is located in renowned Khiva monument - the Madrassah of Allakuli-khan (1834-1835). In its small and cozy hall you can taste dishes of national Khiva cuisine
National House Zaynab, Khiva Address: Pahlavan Mahmud str, 1, Khiva
Phone: +99891 277-92-40
Cuisine: Uzbek
Advance reservation
Popular dishes: pilaff, shuit ashi(green spagetti), tukhum barak(egg raviolli), dimlama(meat and vegetables stew together)
Description: National house of Zaynab-opa is renowned in whole Itchan-Kala. It is famous both for hospitality and delicious homemade cuisine
Zerafshan Restaurant, Khiva Address: Pahlavan Mahmud str, 44, Khiva
Phone: +99891 434-98-17
Cuisine: Uzbek
Advance reservation
Popular dishes: mampar, shourpa, pumpkin soup, pilaff, manty, dimlama, fish
Description: Small restaurant located in the Tolib Makhsum Madrassah (19th C.) can seat up to 50 people. The interior is made in traditional Uzbek style.
Restaurant Mirzaboshi, Khiva Address: 1 Pahlavan Mahmud Street, Khiva
Phone: +99893-569-89-89, +99898-577-89-88
Cuisine: National
Working hours: 11:00-24:00
Popular dishes: gumma (fried patties), Khorezm kebab
Description: The cozy Mirzaboshi restaurant is in the very centre of Khiva, near the Kalta-Minor minaret. Here, guests can enjoy a variety of national dishes, as well as vegetarian cuisine.
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