Muborak-opa, Samarkand

Address: Turon str. 16, Samarkand
Phone: +99866-237-46-21
Cuisine: Uzbek
Price Range: $
Popular dishes: manty, pilaff, lyulya kebab, khanum, shashlyk

This venue is recommended to be contacted before visiting as it does not have fixed work hours.


National House of Muborak-opa always welcomes guests of Samarkand. Here you will taste traditional Uzbek dishes. Hostess Muborak-opa pays special attention to different tastes of guests, including vegetarian menu. Here you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with national style of Uzbek house as well as with peculiarities of local cooking traditions. Oriental exotics, hospitality and comfortable rooms allow to have a good rest and gather strength before a trip. In addition you can order to prepare lunch-boxes for your journey.


Music: live (folk music)

Entertainments: national dance show, traditional rites

Features: national style

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