Underground Waters of Armenia


But the main water riches of Armenia are not above the earth but under it. They are underground mineral waters of various chemical compositions. There are plenty of them under volcanic tuffs, basalts, ­slates and sandstones. While passing through them the water is purified and then comes out on the surface cold and tasty in various locations.

One can find warm and even hot springs. The mineral waters which while passing through the thicknesses ­of easily soluble limestones, dolomites and magnetites are enriched with salts and gases acquiring certain medical properties. On the territory of Armenia there are more than 500 springs of volcanic origin. Near the city of Dilizhan is the spring of carbonaceous - alkaline water “Borzhom”, and on the western coast of Lake Sevan are the springs similar to famous “Yessentuki”. The thermal waters are represented by Dzhemuk (55C) which in contents and medical properties is similar ­to the waters of Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic.