Rivers of Armenia

Geography of Armenia - Rivers

Although Armenia has a large number of rivers, most of them are very small. There are more than 300 rivers that are longer than 10 km, many of which cut deep gorges and canyons into the rock. Many rivers in Armenia flow into the Arax River, which is one of the biggest rivers in the Caucasus. Famous since antiquity, the Arax covers the entirety of Armenia before flowing into the Kura River in Georgia. The Akhuryan, Kasagh, Razdan, Arpa and Vorotan rivers all flow into the Arax River as it crosses Armenia. The Debed, Aghstev, and Akhum rivers flow directly into the Kura River, and some Armenian rivers drain into Sevan Lake.

Most rivers are fed with meltwater, rain, and underground waters. In the spring, melting snow means that the rivers are fast and deep, while in the middle of summer they are at their shallowest. In the fall, rainwater keeps the rivers running.

The Longest Rivers:

Araks – on the territory of Armenia - 158 km (total length - 1,072 km)
Akhuryan - 186 km
Vorotan – on the territory of Armenia - 119 km (total length - 179 km)
Debed – on the territory of Armenia - 152 km (total length - 178 km)
Razdan - 141 km
Agstev – on the territory of Armenia - 99 km (total length - 133 km)