Minerals, Armenia

The bowels of Armenia conceal the deposits of ores. In Alaverdi and Kafan there are copper deposits, molybdenum was found in the southeast (Dastakert deposit), in the central and southeastern areas are iron ore deposits (Razdan, Abovyan and Svarants deposits).

Besides, there are industrial stocks of aluminum nepheline syenites as well as barite with admixture of gold and silver, the deposits of lead, zinc, manganese, gold, platinum, antimony, mercury, and arsenic. There are also rare-earth metals: bismuth, gallium, indium, selenium, thallium, tellurium, and rhenium. Tuffs (orange, yellow, pink, and black), marble, travertines, and limestones, which make up the mountains of Armenia, are great as building and finishing materials. Semiprecious and ornamental stones are represented by agates, jaspers, amethysts, beryls, rubies, obsidians, onyxes, and turquoises.