Lakes in Armenia

Lakes in Armenia

Armenia has one large fresh water lake – Lake Sevan and dozens of smaller shallow ones. Lake Sevan is located 1,900 m above the sea level in the mountain hollow in the country's east. Its area is 1,240 sq km, depth - 83 m. The lake is fed by precipitations as well as 28 rivers flowing into it: the outflowing is the river Razdan (the Araks inflow).

Lake Sevan is surrounded by mountain ridges: from the northwest – the Pambak, from the northeast – the Sevan and Areguni, from the west and the south – Geghama and Vardenis ridges.

Two headland jutting out into the lake – Artanish (from the east) and Noratus (from the west) divide Lake Sevan in two parts: the Small and the Big Sevan. The Small Sevan differs in bigger depth and indented shoreline. The Big Sevan has even bottom, its shores are not deeply indented.

The lake is extraordinary picturesque. Its turquoise-azure waters, pure curative air and the beauty of surroundings attract big numbers of holiday makers and travelers. The lake is bordered with a wall of artificial woods (pine trees, broad-leaved species and sea-buckthorns).

The Sevan basin hosts the national park "Sevan" with four reserves and ten sanctuaries. Many rare species of waterfowl live there. The lake itself is a home for trout, pollans, and cancers.

The Main Lakes in Armenia

Lake Sevan –1,200 sq km.
Lake Arpi - 22 sq km.
Lake Akna - 0.53 sq km.
Lake Sev – 2.0 sq km.