Traditional Dwelling

Traditional dwellingTraditional houses in Armenian settlements have a number of distinctive features. The dwelling is usually a square building with stone walls and dirt roof supported by wooden columns. A window or a smoke duct in the roof was the only source of light. Every house had an open hearth with clay furnace standing on a dais. Some people used fireplaces.

The internal furniture of Armenians homes remained invariable for a long time. The most space in a traditional Armenian house was occupied by chests, shelves with clay, copper and wooden ware and a special kind a movable wooden barn on legs keeping grain and flour. People used to sit on the floor on mats.

They had their meals at a low little table or from the cloth spread directly on the floor. Niches with doors were used as cabinets. Instead of beds big wooden ottomans stood along the walls. Traditional elements of interior were carpets, a pile of quilts and mattresses, ancient utensils.