Traditional Armenian Brandy

Traditional Armenian Brandy

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~ Franky Marshall, Certified Cognac Educator

Traditional Armenian brandy is among the finest of all grape-based spirits and the main beverage of Armenia which, thanks to its mild climate and ancient winemaking traditions, is one of the world’s most renowned brandy manufacturers today.   

The history of Armenian brandy production began in the late 19th century at Shustov and Sons’s Brandy, the winery of famous Armenian merchant Nerses Tairyan. After Shustov and Sons’s won the Grand-prix award by blind judging at the 1900 World's Fair in Paris, its fame quickly spread throughout the Russian Empire and much of Europe. In the 1940s, Shustov’s winery became Yerevan Brandy Company, which up to this day is well-known for its ArArAt brand, one of the most recognizable symbols of Armenia. In 1999 the company passed into the hands of Russian businessman Nikolai Shustov, who upgraded the winery with modern equipment and special oak barrels. 

Armenian brandy is produced from endemic grape varieties from the Ararat Valley, including Voskehat, Garan Dmak, Mskhali and Kangun. Its patented double distillation method and special Caucasian oak barrels in which the beverage can mature for up to five decades are the secrets for the brandy’s consistently excellent quality, sweet aroma and distinct grape flavour.  

Armenia now produces around 20 million litres of brandy per year, 90 percent of which is exported. Based on its age, Armenian brandy is divided into three categories: ordinary, vintage and collection. Each of them has a smooth and well-balanced taste, caramel colour and silky texture. When served alongside Armenia’s national dishes, Armenian brandy is sure to add plenty of flavour to your trip to the Land of Noah!