National Holidays, Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Holidays

Kazakhstan Holidays

Kazakhstan is a large multinational country which is rich with its both old traditions and new ones acquired for the period of Independence. The Republic of Kazakhstan observes international holidays such as New Year, 8 March but it also has holidays specific only for this country such as Unity Day, Capital Day etc.

All the holidays of Kazakhstan may be divided into national, state and professional ones. The national holidays are held in honor of the events having a special historical importance for the development of independent Kazakhstan. Celebration of the national holidays is accompanied with holding of official events. Such holiday is considered Independence Day of Kazakhstan.

The state holidays are devoted to the events having social and political importance, they also include traditional Kazakh holidays. This category of the holidays includes New Year, 8 March, Nauryz, Unity Day, Capital  Day, Constitution Day etc.

In addition to these holidays Kazakhstan has another type of holidays – professional ones celebrated by some categories of citizens:

• Fatherland Defender’s Day – 7 May
• Political Repression Victims Memory Day -31 May
• The Republic of Kazakhstan National Symbols’ Day – 4 June
• Police Day – 23 June
• Health Professionals’ Day (third Sunday of June)
• Press, Television and Radio Day (last Sunday of June)
• Diplomatic Service Day - 2 July
• Tax Service Day – 6 July
• Metal-Maker’s Day (third Sunday of July)
• Transport and Communication Workers’ Day (first Sunday of August)
• Builders’ Day – (second Sunday of August)
• Sports Day (third Sunday of August)
• Miner’ Day (last Sunday of August)
• Knowledge Day – 1 September

The holidays of national and state nature are days off for the whole Kazakhstan population. These days Kazakhstan holds open-air merrymaking and official events. Various festive events and festive concerts with participation of both Kazakhstan and foreign stars are arranged for the country’s population.