Tatiana Day in Russia

January 25

        source: ibk.ru

On January 25 Russian students celebrated their birthday. The tradition to celebrate this day started in the 18th century. In 1755, on that day the Empress Elizabeth signed the decree on the foundation of Moscow University. The day coincided with the memorial day of the Holy Martyr Tatiana (Tatyana), who became the patroness of all Russian students. This cheerful, though unofficial holiday has brightened up the hard students' work for over a century. On this day Moscow invites all students of Russia to its Red Square, or rather to the skating rink near the GUM, the site of the longstanding tradition of Tatiana Day celebration. On this day thousands of young people who enjoy not only skating but also the great shows with their idols - Russian pop-stars gather there. In the evening the youth is greeted by outstanding athletes, politicians, artists and pop cinema. It all ends with the holiday disco on ice.

Tatiana Day Many Orthodox holidays are largely secular in nature, and Tatiana Day, also known as Students’ Day, is no exception. Originally a day of memory for Christian martyr Tatiana Rimsky, Empress Elizaveta Petrovna signed a decree for the establishment of Moscow University on this same day in 1755, and the holiday became dedicated to Russian university students.