source: pravda.ru

January 19 is the day when the faithful Christians in Russia celebrate Epiphany. This spiritual festival is dedicated to the great biblical event, the Baptism of Jesus Christ in the waters of the Jordan River. These days in Russia are famous for a wonderful tradition - Epiphany bathing. According to the Bible any water on this day is considered to be healing and miraculous. The best way to get healthier in body and spirit is to bathe in the baptismal rite font immediately after the festive worship service. It must be mentioned that Epiphany bathing today is very popular among Russians, despite the icy water in the freezing cold! It's amazing, but no one has ever got sick after the ritual. In villages, believers do it in the river, in cities with temples they place wooden vessels for bathing. Next to them there are fair booths in which all visitors are treated with tea, honey and cakes.