Turkmenistan Hollows and Depressions

Yueroilan - duz is a deep drainless depression (total area 300 square km). During ancient times this place was occupied by the huge Tetis Sea. This unique depression was formed on the place of the volcanic centers which used to be active on the sea bottom. The dome-shaped and slightly extended hills representing extinct volcanoes conduits are fancifully scattered; between the hills there are solonchaks where table salt was mined. The beautiful andesite-basalt formations and weathered volcanic pillars tower there.

In spring and in winter the depression is filled with melted waters forming a saline. During this period pelicans, flamingoes and other birds flock in this area. In summer after the water is vaporized the even solonchak is formed attractive to goitered gazelles and argalis. Yeroilan-duz Depression is a rich natural museum with traces of extinct Central Asian plants. The scientists found there ostrich eggshell pieces, the fragments of ancient animals frames and many other artifacts. This area have been attractive for geologists, archeologists, paleobotanists for many years..

Akchakaya is the deepest drainless depression located near the city of Tashauz. Its bottom is 81 cm below the World Ocean level (!). Its slopes, which can reach as high as 200 m, with giant multicolored steps are densely cut by water streams creating this unique sight.