Nature of Turkmenistan - Mountains

Mountain landscape, Turkmenistan

The Kughinang Mountains with the highest peak of Turkmenistan - Airibaba (3,137m). The Bolsoi (Big) Balkan is a mountain range in the Kara Kum Desert. There archeologists found the human remains of the Stone Age.

The scenery of Mount Syunt is peculiar due to the rear plant species thickly covering its slopes. Red and orange canyons of Yuanghikala and Yyuanghusu are breathtaking indeed.

In the vicinities of Makhtumkuli village stand the Lunar Mountains. These mountains look extremely strange: they have rounded sagged forms of pink-cream or grey - almost white colors which change their shades after a rain and depending on humidity shimmer with practically all colors of a rainbow.

Mountain landscape, Turkmenistan

The Lunar Mountains look more like giant cakes than the landscape elements. It is an extremely rare occasion when you stumble upon accidental shrub which makes this "alien" scenery look a little more "earthy".