Turkmenistan nature - Plains and Plateaus

Missirian Plain. The remains of large ancient irrigated areas with traces of ancient irrigational structures have survived there.

Khodzha-i-Pihl Plateau of Kugitangtau ridge is known worldwide due to its nearly 1,000 well preserved traces of ancient pangolins - dinosaurs of Jurassic period. All in all there are about 1.5 dozen various traces from 30 to 92 cm in length.

The most unique are the dinosaur traces found on the western slope of the Kugitangtau ridge. There on the limestone surface aged about 140 million years (Jurassic period) one can see around 500 traces of dinosaurs. This quantity and variety of dinosaur traces is the richest in the world.

Kaplnkir or Tigrovoye (Tiger) Plateau (near to Ashgabat) is the most beautiful place for walking tours across Turkmenistan.

Chinki Plateau Ustyurt. A historical place with lengthy (up to 40 m) ledges abundant in vertical steeps and well saved grottoes and caves bearing traces ancient people activities.