Turkmenistan nature - Lakes and Springs

Lakes and springs of Turkmenistan

Lake Sarakamysh is the largest lake of Turkmenistan. Its area exceeds 2, 200 km. Sarakamysh natural reserve was made for protection of water fowl - pelicans, cormorants and coots. The well-known Bakharden Cave hosts an underground.

Lake Kow-Ata. Its area is 1, 050 square meters, average depth - 6 m, and temperature of water +33...+37°C. The water there is distinguished by surprising purity and transparency.

Lake Mollagara is a not drying saline. The water there is so salty that the human body is pushed onto the surface. The depth of the lake varies from 60 m up to 1.5 km depending on the season. There are located the world's famous therapeutic mud-baths.

Lake Yuazkhan is a closed freshwater lake in the Kara Kum Desert. There valuable breeds of fishes and water fowl found their home.

Lakes Archman, Berzengi, Bakharden are thermal springs of mineral hydrosulphuric groundwater. The latter are considered unique world famous natural landmarks. 60 m below Kov-Ata cave entrance there is a warm hydrosulphuric lake of 72 m length and 30 m width, with the area of 108 square meters. The average depth is 10 m. The water temperature is +37 ° С. The lake is very attractive due to its turquoise water and therapeutic properties.

Crater Lake Rozoviy (Pink) Porsyghel is of mud-volcanic origin. It is known mainly due to the fact that its pink colored waters cover the conduit of the ancient mud volcano. Not far from it on the western slopes of Chokrak plateau there is Crater Lake Zapadniy (Western) Porsyghel with salty and hot water of dirty-grey color. Truly amazing are such thermal sources as Archman,Parkhai,Ovezbaba, Khodzhakainar and sub thermal spring Edzheri.

One of the most beautiful waterfalls of the country is the Bolshoi (Big) Nokhur waterfall. The water is falling from 30 m height. Equally beautiful are the Koshtemir, Umbadere and Kyrkghyz waterfalls. There are other waterfalls in the north part of the country, for example, the Kyrkdeshk Rapids with a canyon to the north of Lake Sarykamysh.

Mount Bayuadag hosts about 40 hot, warm and cold springs with various water formulas.

Kara Bogaz Gol is a huge sea basin stretching to the north and the west. In one of gorges of Sumbar Valley is located a picturesque Gochdemir waterfall with crystal-like waters falling like shimmering openwork curtain.