Silk and Spices Festival 2018

Date: from 26-MAY-18 to 27-MAY-18
City: Bukhara
17th traditional Silk&Spices festival 2018

Venue: Bukhara

About the Silk&Spices Festival 2018:

26-27 May 2018 Bukhara will be hosting the 17th traditional Silk and Spices Festival. Its goal is to preserve the existing cultural heritage with all its specific features and level of artistic skill, as well as support the arts and crafts, such as gold embroidery, hand weaving, wood carving, carpet weaving, construction skills, and fine arts.

The festival program includes performances of folklore bands from different regions of the country, national games and fun, master-classes, degustation of Uzbek plov at the event “Palovsayli”, fashion show from young designers of Uzbekistan. Beautiful festive procession will create atmosphere of oriental fairy-tale that will take the guests of Bukhara to thousand years back, when caravans loaded with silk and spices went from China to Europe through the mountain passes and abandoned deserts, and would stop in blooming valleys.

Organizers of the event are Hakimiyat (City Hall) of the Bukhara region, Bukhara regional branch of Uzbektourism National Company and Khunarmand Artisans’ Association.

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