Caravan, Bukhara

Address: M. Ikbol street 12, Bukhara
Phone: +99893-383-05-05
Cuisine: Uzbek, European, Uighur
Price Range: $$
Working hours: 10:00-23:00
Popular dishes: shashliks, manty, Uygur fried beef, various soups and desserts

Restaurant Caravan in Bukhara is the large complex, which consists of open yard, two halls, rooms, ayvan, karaoke-room and children room. Here you can taste various meals of Uzbek, European, Uighur cuisine. The interior of the restaurant is made in national style. Also, at guests' request the restaurant can arrange welcome drinks for tourist groups, wedding ceremony or show how to prepare khalva and pilaff.


Music: background, live

Entertainments: dance-show, folk dances of various nations (by request)

Peculiarities: children's playground, karaoke-room, show preparation of khalva and pilaff, wedding ceremony show

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