Top Bukhara Restaurants and Cafes

Reviews of Popular Cafes and Restaurants in Bukhara

Bukhara restaurants and cafes offer mainly dishes of national cuisine: Bukharan (Bukharian) pilaf (light pilaf with unmixed layers of rice and carrot), baracha (stewed lamb with onion), Bukharan big somsa (pastry stuffed with tomato and meat) as well as a great number of vegetable salads mostly dressed with mayonnaise. This heavy and hearty food is not to everyone taste. Though in Bukhara there are some cafes and restaurants, oriented to tourists from all over the world. Here you will find dishes of European cuisine, dietary salads and vegetarian dishes as well as English-speaking wait staff. Also Bukhara has national houses, where you can order a lunch or dinner in advance. By the way, Bukhara restaurants and cafes usually are located in historical centers close to the main sights.

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CaravanPrice: $$$
Caravan Restaurant, Bukhara Address: M. Ikbol street 12, Bukhara
Phone: +99893-383-05-05
Cuisine: Uzbek, European, Uighur
Working hours: 10:00-23:00
Popular dishes: shashliks, manty, Uygur fried beef, various soups and desserts
Description: Restaurant Caravan in Bukhara is the large complex, which consists of open yard, two halls, rooms, ayvan, karaoke-room and children room
Bella Italia Restaurant, Bukhara Address: B. Nakshbandi str. 125, Bukhara
Phone: +99865 224-33-46
Cuisine: European, Oriental
Working hours: 11:00-23:00
Popular dishes: pizza, spaghetti, Arabian meat dish, Georgian meat dish
Description: Restaurant Bella Italia is the restrained Italian design and careful staff. The restraunt is convienietly located between old and new parts of the Bukhara city.
MinzifaPrice: $$$
Reviews: 1 Minzifa Restaurant, Bukhara Address: Khujarushnoy str. 6, Bukhara
Phone: +99865-224-61-75
Cuisine: Uzbek, European, Vegetarian
Working hours: 11:00-23:00
Popular dishes: pilaff
Description: Café Minzifa is located in the centre of the old part of the city, near well-known Lyabi-Khauz. Café consists of two halls and terrace overlooking the aincient part of Bukhara.
National House of Rustam-aka, Bukhara Address: Sarofon str. 10, Bukhara
Phone: +99890 614-55-08
Cuisine: Uzbek, European, Vegetarian
Advance reservation
Popular dishes: stuffed vegetables, maize soup, apple-pie
Description: National style House At Rustam’s is located in the old part of Bukhara. Hosts of the house are very hospitable and pleasant persons
DolonPrice: $$$
Dolon Restaurant, Bukhara Address: Khakhikat str. 27,Bukhara
Phone: +99890 718-75-07
Cuisine: European, Uzbek
Working hours: 09:00-23:00
Popular dishes: shashlik, shourpa
Description: The Bukhara Restaurant Dolon is located between second and third Bukhara trade domes in the old part of the city
Doston House Restaurant, Bukhara Address: K. Kalon str. 5, Bukhara
Phone: +99891 445-27-55
Cuisine: Uzbek
Advance reservation
Popular dishes: Bukhara pilaf, shourpa, meatball soup, dolma, boiled vegetables salads, somsa
Description: National Doston House welcomes guests and offers to taste Uzbek dishes, cooked according to national traditions.
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