Chinor, Bukhara

Address: 122, B. Nakshband Str., Bukhara
Phone: +99891 446 22 27
Cuisine: Uzbek
Price Range: $
Working hours: 09:00-20:00
Popular dishes: shashliks, lagman, various soups

The Chinor Teahouse is conveniently located at the entrance to the Old City of Bukhara, not far from Lyabi-Khauz. Several hotels are also nearby, such as the Amelia Boutique, Devon Begi, and Kukeldash. Chinor has a pleasant atmosphere and its interior is decorated in a traditional Uzbek style. The restaurant has several rooms, and a large open terrace on the second floor. Separate booths for 6-8 people are also available. The menu features mainly Uzbek cuisine, but also offers several European dishes.

Features: open terrace, convenient location

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