Kuvshin House, Bukhara

Kuvshin HouseKuvshin HouseKuvshin HouseKuvshin HouseKuvshin House
Address: Khodja Porso, 7a, Bukhara
Phone: +99891 311-13-25
Cuisine: Uzbek
Price Range: $
Popular dishes: manti, pilaf, lagman

This venue is recommended to be contacted before visiting as it does not have fixed work hours.

This restaurant is located in the owners’ house. It offers Uzbek cuisine in a beautiful room decorated in classic Bukhara style. It is very conveniently located to the right of the Kukeldash Madrassah, just 100 metres from the Lyabi-Khauz. Here you can not only enjoy the taste of Bukhara food, but also experience the exceptional hospitality and kindness of the restaurant’s owners as they welcome you into their home.

Features: home-made food, beautiful decor, hospitable hosts

Orders must be made at least half a day in advance

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