Wine Tour to Uzumfermer Family Winery1 Day | Uzumfermer Winery

Wine Tour to Uzumfermer Family Winery

Would you like to learn about the process of making wine, from growing grapes in the vineyards to getting the wine to the store shelves, and learn the secrets of real winemaking? If so, join us on a wine tour to Uzumfermer Family Winery.

Immerse yourself in the process of making wine by going to Uzumfermer – a cozy family winery in Kibray, where you will find a walk through an exotic garden, a tour of vineyards, an overview of wine production equipment, fascinating facts and secrets of home winemaking.


Tashkent – Kibray – Tashkent

Departure from Tashkent to Kibray1 hour before the tour to the Uzumfermer winery (the beginning of the tour at Uzumfermer at 12:00, 14:00, 16:00).

Uzumfermer is the first family winery in Uzbekistan that produces varietal wine using European technology from selected grapes. The farm includes 21 hectares of vineyards, an exotic garden, a mini-hotel, and wineries.

You will have a pleasant walk through the ornamental garden of 1 hectare, where more than 1,500 species of plants grow, collected from all over the world. The garden is divided into different thematic zones: Japanese rock garden, Russian glade, Italian amphitheater, moon gate, Chinese tea house, Japanese gazebo by the pond with fish and waterfall, pine forest, grotto with underground spring and others.

On a tour of the vineyards, you will be shown 8 methods of growing grapes: Uzbek Voish and on the ground, Italian tendone, Y-shaped California trellis, Spanish perrone, Chinese solar greenhouses, French vertical trellis, Canadian greenhouses. Overview of the collection of table (more than 100) and wine (more than 20) varieties.

Next, you will take a tour of an ultra-modern Italian winery, where you will be presented with an overview of the process from grape harvesting to wine bottling. You will see the equipment used in the production of wine, as well as learn the secrets of home winemaking.

At the end of the wine tour, you will have a tasting of five samples of wine accompanied by a cheese plate and fruit slicing.

End of Wine Tour to Uzumfermer Family Winery. Return to Tashkent.

The tour price includes:

  1. Trip on a comfortable sedan or minivan type car;
  2. Tasting of 5 kinds of wines;
  3. Guide services.

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