Dairy Products in Uzbekistan

Uzbek Dairy Products

In Uzbekistan, people like dairy products more than just plain milk. These products can be eaten by themselves or used in cooking. One popular dairy product that tourists love to take home is called Kurt. These are small, salty balls made from sour milk and dried in the sun. Because they are dried, they can last for a long time. You can find Kurt with different flavors like pepper, basil, or mint, and they can come in different shapes and sizes.

Another dairy favorite is Katyk. It's made by adding special bacteria to milk and letting it ferment. You put the mix in a jar, cover it with a towel, and wait for half a day. Then, it's ready to eat.

Suzma is like Katyk but thicker. To make it, you put Katyk in a cloth and let the extra water drain out. Chalop is another soup but it's served cold. It's similar to a Russian soup called okroshka and is made with chopped-up vegetables and Katyk.

For a summer drink, people like Ayran. This is made by mixing Katyk with water and a bit of salt. It's a good way to stay cool when it's hot outside.

Dairy Products in Uzbekistan

So, if you're interested in trying new foods, Uzbekistan's dairy products offer a lot of tasty choices.