Vegetarian Food in Uzbekistan

Vegetarian food in UzbekistanHistorically, the vegetarian food in Uzbekistan was represented mainly by salads as most of the main dishes contain boiled or fried beef or lamb. However, we grow a great amount of vegetables and fruits under the sunny sky and now the cooks have come up with replacing meat with vegetables in common dishes.

There are many side dishes without meat that could easily replace the main dish. Actually, they are perceived like the side dishes, as the main dish contains meat by default. That’s for, vegetarian food in Uzbekistan is rather developed than it seems to.

As the number of tourists have increased over the years, local chefs have mastered many international vegetarian dishes and have also adapted local cuisine to the vegetarian diet by substituting meat with vegetables. Thus, vegetarian food in Uzbekistan is easily found in many restaurants and cafes. We have prepared a list of restaurants in Uzbekistan with popular vegetarian dishes to ease your search.