Chinese Dances

Chinese dances - aspiration to harmony and perfection

Chinese dancer is perfoming a traditional dance with fansThe mystery and singularity of China are best reflected in its ancient culture. Music, art, literature, dances - all these are subject to a single idea - the desire for everything beautiful, harmonious and perfect.

The history of Chinese dance begins in the IV millennium BC. At first it was just group actions in a circle during various rituals and religious activities. Gradually the dance begins to develop into the art with certain canons and requirements.

In the first millennium BC, China featured two varieties of dance: civil (ritual) and military ones. War dances were more like a battle, where elements of Chinese and other martial arts can be frequently traced.

Dance of the national minorities living in Guizhou Province Dance of the national minorities living in Guizhou Province Traditional Chinese Dance

Traditional Chinese dances are inherently various. Some of them are amazingly bright and dynamic, while the others, on the contrary, feature slow and smooth movements. The dances often use additional items such as fans, scarves, etc. Almost all traditional dances in China have some meaning: they are devoted to gods, and often symbolize some events in the history of China. Each dance has its own name: rose dance, sword dance, lion dance and dragon dance. You should also take into consideration the national minorities living in China. Each of these nations also has its dance tradition.

Traditional Chinese dance, Guizhou Traditional Chinese Dance - celebrating the New Year, Beijing Dance of the Miao tribe girls, China

The most famous Chinese symbol in the world is a dragon. The Chinese call themselves “children of the dragon”, because this mythical creature is associated with the sky and the supreme forces. No Chinese holiday is complete without a dragon performance and dance. This traditional Chinese dance performance dates back centuries and is an immutable attribute of every Chinese New Year.

The Chinese in traditional Manchurian dress for dancing A girl in traditional Chinese dress for dancing on stilts Dragon dance

A dragon has always been associated with strength and dignity, the peoples of Southeast Asia called this mythical beast “the lucky”, and so it is not surprising that a special dance was devoted to it.

Dragon dance Dragon dance Dragon dance

The performance involves about 50 people, who have to act in perfect sync. With the help of special poles they keep a dragon’s body, which sometimes is 40-50 meters long. Who has ever seen the dragon dance will never forget this amazing spectacle. The dragon dance is most spectacular at night, when special effects make the dragon come to life, and it begins to glow and spew flames.

Dragon Dance is one of many Chinese dances that makes you plunge into a unique atmosphere of mysterious China.