Mud Сure Resorts, Russia

Mud Сure Resorts, Russia Lake Elton, Volgograd oblast


Pelotherapy is the treatment by means of mud. Mud baths are silt deposits with a high content of organic substances and salts formed at the bottom of swamps, rivers, lakes and sea bays. That's why all the mud cure resorts are located near natural water bodies. The largest are near Lake Baikal (Lake Ugdan), in the Volgograd oblast (Lake Elton), in Pyatigorsk (Lake Tambukan).The mountainous Altai is also rich in medicinal muds. The local health centers use rare silver-radon clay and mud, and the spas resorts of Buryatia use sulphide mud.Cure mud resorts treat many cases of joints, rheumatism, paralysis, atrophies, gynecological diseases, osteochondrosis, neurasthenia, anemia, psoriasis, and cerebral palsy