Tours: Ancient Temples of Russia

Tours: Ancient Temples of Russia Epiphany Cathedral in Smolensk


For centuries Russians have observed the cult of the temple as a symbol of faith and Orthodox Culture. All the ancient Russian cities began with the construction of temples that were an integral part of public life. There, people were baptized, got married, headed to military campaigns, and performed funeral services. People's love for the church took the shape of the huge desire to create cult buildings of extraordinary beauty. The fantasy of the builders had no boundaries when they worked on the construction of a new church: each new temple was supposed to be better, prettier, more elegant and grand than the previous one. Temples were decorated by the best artists, icon painters, carvers and other craftsmen. The erected temples were consecrated in the honor of the Great Trinity, the Virgin, Christ the Savior and other Orthodox saints, and even after the great religious holidays - Nativity, Intercession, Annunciation, etc. There were the churches erected on the site of great battles, in the memory of fallen heroes...Today the Orthodox churches are attended not only by believers but also by numerous tourists, for whom this trip is like visiting a whole museum. After all, churches in Russia have always been truly popular treasure. Ancient icons in gold and silver frames, multi-tier carved iconostasis, frescos, church utensils - they are all masterpieces of fine and applied arts.A tour around the ancient temples can be arranged in any city of Russia, whether it is a megapolis or a small town. You'll see how solemn and stately the old white-stone churches of Vladimir and Suzdal, built by Vladimir Monomakh are. You will get acquainted with the unusual architecture of stone churches of Novgorod with colorful frescos. You will enjoy the festive colorful look of tent-shaped churches of Yaroslavl and Kostroma, the beauty and ancient history of the temples of Smolensk and Pskov. You will be amazed by the eclectic St. Petersburg churches and cathedrals created under the influence of European culture.Each of those temples holds the spirit of antiquity: the vein of history pulsates under the thick layer of modern finish. Ancient stonework remembers the warmth of the hands of ancient craftsmen, architects, who, without any machinery, manually erected those strikingly beautiful buildings, decorated them with the finest stone lacing, gold domes, painted the walls ... You will meet the priceless masterpieces of Russian temple architecture.