Tours: Historical Tourism

Tours: Historical Tourism The Mamaev Hill, Volgograd


Even traveling in today's Russia you can take part in a fascinating excursion into the historical past of this huge wonderful country. After all, the history of Russia is everywhere - in the magnificent monuments, memorials, temples, monasteries, ancient ruins of the castle walls ... The Russians are proud of their history, their past, and not without reason: it boasts numerous glorious deeds, great victories, sometimes darkened by tragic events, and there is nothing that could disgrace the Russian people who are recognized as heroic worldwide.

So, if you visited this page, it means you are interested in the remarkable milestones in the Russian history and you are willing to visit the heroic and long-suffering Russian land, to follow the path of the great battles, discoveries and legends ... There are so many interesting tours of historical places of Russia! The joyful chiming of the bells will welcome you in historical cities - the witnesses of Russian history: Moscow, Vladimir, Suzdal, Yaroslavl, Rostov; the deafening silence - in the places of great battles - Borodino, Kulikovo, Lake Peipus, Mamaev Kurgan, the Kursk Bulge...

Each region of Russia is famous for its special history. How did the conquest of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East go on, what role did they play in the destiny of the Russian state? It's pointless to seek the answers to these questions in the history books, it is much more interesting and fun to visit these wonderful places and their historic sites, museums, monuments, step by step penetrating into the secrets of Russian history.