Tours: History of the Russian North

Tours: History of the Russian North Solovetsky Monastery, the Solovetsky Islands


The Russian north is not just a geographical indication of the coldest region of Russia. This is a part of Russian history, a special territory and unique character - stern, austere, yet stable and courageous. The very nature of tempers it in difficult circumstances: permafrost, ice, swamps, cold waters of the northern seas, desert rocky shores, the eternally snow-covered gray sky featuring dark gloomy domes of northern monasteries....

How did it happen that that desolate region became a part of Russia? What role did it play in its history and the fate of the Russian people? All these questions will be answered during our tour during which you will visit the north of Russia, the White Sea, the land of the first Russian sailors, the birthplace of Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov. The Russian north is the home to early Christian monasteries, many of which have survived and open their doors to their visitors. The most famous northern monastery, Solovetsky, was the major prison camp of Russia for years.