Tours: Health and Beauty Tourism

Tours: Health and Beauty Tourism Marine Station, Sochi


It's no secret how vulnerable human health is in our difficult time filled with stress, poor environment, busy schedules, chronic fatigue ... And the best way to relax, rehabilitate, to get your body and mind in shape is to go for a relaxing and healing trip. In Russia today there are plenty of opportunities to spend your holiday and improve your health. There, in the greatest country of the world are hundreds of unique locations famous for their healing waters, springs, baths, muds ... On the basis of those natural storages the superb resorts, hospitals, health and spa resorts were created. Among those are modern health centers equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment for diagnosis and treatment. In addition, there you will find conditions for comfortable rest, full of pleasant entertainments: excursions, games, walks, etc. Spa treatment in Russia continues the glorious traditions of Russian emperors, which they started in the 19th century. The first resorts appeared in the Northern Caucasus (Pyatigorsk, Zheleznogorsk, Essentuki), then the resorts on the Black Sea coast of the Crimea and the Caucasus were built: Sochi, Yalta and Evpatoria. Today, those old resorts Russia are open not only for the chosen ones but for everyone. The favorite resorts of Russians and visitors are the resorts of Krasnodar region, the Caucasus, Moscow Region, central Russia, the Urals, Lake Baikal and Siberia. They are waiting for you!