Tours: Golden Ring, the Historical Center of Russia

Tours: Golden Ring, the Historical Center of Russia Assumption Cathedral, Vladimir


The Golden Ring is the poetic name for a number of towns and cities in central Russia. In fact, they are located on a semblance of a ring around the capital city. Moscow, Vladimir, Suzdal, Yaroslavl, Alexandrov, Pereslavl-Zalesky, Sergiev Posad are the most famous and visited cities on the Golden Ring. The age of each of them approaches the 1,000-year mark (!). Yes, those cities are older than Russia itself because at the time of their emergence there was no united Russian state, only a few fiefdoms. It was only in 14th - 15th centuries that the scattered units joined in a single centralized state, the powerful Russia.

Traveling along the Golden Ring has been the most popular tourist destination in Russia. After all, these cities are not only the historical center of the country, they have also managed to preserve the unique character and flavor of ancient Russian cities: gold-domed and white-stone. Moscow, Suzdal, Rostov, Vladimir, and Yaroslavl used to be the capitals of the same name principalities, rich and prosperous. Even today they are beautiful cities with developed infrastructure and abundance of ancient monuments. You will see the ancient stone walls of the kremlin fortress, ancient monasteries and temples, unique history and culture monuments of Russia, the centers of folk crafts.