Tours: The Path of the Great Battles

Tours: The Path of the Great Battles Alexander Nevsky Lavra, St. Petersburg


There were plenty of them ... the great battles of Russia ... Each of them is inscribed with blood into the world history: the Battle of Kulikovo, the Neva Battle, Battle on the Ice, the Battle of Borodino, the Battle of Moscow, the Stalingrad ... We'll never forget those big victories, the military glory of Russian soldiers who fought to the last drop of blood. This tour is dedicated to their memory, it also will reveal a secret door to the past, giving you a unique opportunity to visit the site of the great battles and feel the atmosphere of past epochs.

Battle of the Ice

That legendary battle took place in 1241 in western Russia - in the Pskov region. In history it is also known as the Battle of Lake Peipus between the Teutonic Knights and the Russian warriors under the command of Alexander Nevsky. The battle took place on the ice surface of the lake, so the battle got its name. Today, alas, nothing reminds of the great battle: no significant evidence, even the place hasn’t been found. According to some sources the battle took place near the modern village of Kobylye Gorodishche. There, today stands the monument to Alexander Nevsky. The monument to all soldiers of the battle is in Pskov.

The Battle of Kulikovo

It was the battle of the Russian soldiers, led by Prince Dmitri Donskoy with the Golden Horde army of Khan Mamai. It took place on 8 September, 1380 on the Kulikovo Field (on the right bank of the Don). Today, the site of the battle is marked by the Kulikovo Field Museum (Tula oblast).Nearby on the Red Hill and in the village of Monastyrshchina is the memorial complex with the exhibition dedicated to the Battle of Kulikovo.

Battle of the Neva

It was after the battle between Russians and Swedes on the Neva River that the Prince Alexander Yaroslavich was nicknamed Nevsky. Today the memory of this event is immortalized in the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, founded by Peter I in the honor of the great victory. In 1724 the remains of Alexander Nevsky were moved there from Vladimir.


The Great Battle of Borodino, immortalized in the art classics, was the turning point in the war of 1812. The village outside Moscow, Fili, features the biggest monument dedicated to this historic event. The Panorama, the creation of the Russian painter Franz Roubaud, represents the Battle of Borodino. The Military History Museum exhibits artifacts of the military events of 1812. The museum complex includes the Savior Borodino Monastery and the mass graves of fallen soldiers

The Battle of Stalingrad (The Great Patriotic War of 1941-45)

The Battle of Stalingrad (now Volgograd) was one of the bloodiest in the history of Russia. As long as 8 months the Russian troops held the defense and managed to resist the enemy at the cost of thousands of lives. The monuments of the Battle of Stalingrad are the Mamayev Kuragn with the historical and memorial complex called the Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad, the grandiose sculpture "The Motherland Calls!" included into the list of the seven wonders of Russia, the House of the Soldier's Glory and many others.