International Children's Day, China

June 1 - International Children's Day

Chinese childrenJune 1 - International Children's Day is celebrated annually throughout the world. Various activities initiated by the United Nations are held around the world every year. Moreover in addition to that, each country holds its own celebrations devoted to this wonderful holiday.

Children's Day was established in 1949 by the “Democratic Federation of Women” Congress in Paris. China was one of the first countries to support the initiative. In December 1949, by the PRC government decision 1 June was announced International Children's Day.

Chinese childrenIt should be noted that prior to this decree, China had a similar holiday “Ertun Tse” “Children's Day”). It was established in 1931 and celebrated on 4April every year.

The many worlds’ countries hold mass rallies in support of the children this day. This day, the Chinese with their children go to the parks to take part in public games and shows organized there. On holidays the admission to all these public places of amusement is free. The Government organizes festivals for children from children's homes, and other entertainments. Children's Day in China is really a merry and memorable holiday.