Peter and Catherine Epoch, History of Russian Cuisine

From the time of Peter the Great Russian nobility borrowed West European culinary customs and traditions. Rich nobles, who visited Western Europe, brought with them foreign chefs. It was at this time that minced meat was introduced into Russian cuisine: chops, casserole, pates, rolls became quite popular along with non-Russian (Swedish, German, French) soups (dairy, vegetable). It wasn’t unnatural that foreign chefs cooked not Russian but their national dishes, which is harmoniously fitted in Russian cuisine. There was also the time of German sandwiches, butter, French and Dutch cheeses.

Under Peter I the word «soup» entered Russian language; before that all liquid dishes were called “pokhlyobka” and meant first dishes with noodles, grains, and vegetables. Soups were served in ceramic or iron pots to be eaten only with wooden spoons.