Summer Palace, Palaces of Saint-Petersburg

Summer Palace, Saint-Petersburg

Summer Palace

This palace, together with the garden of the same name belongs to the architectural monument complex of Peter the Great era. The Summer Palace is located in the northeastern part of the Summer Garden and overlooks the quay of the Neva. Peter I liked the Summer Palace and lived there with his family from spring until late fall. The Summer Garden became the official residence of the Emperor, there various celebrations and state assemblies were held. Today, the exhibition in the palace shows the authentic 18th - century furniture, household items, clothes and personal belongings of Peter I and Catherine I. There you can find the objects of applied art of Peter's epoch. Of particular value are the plafonds, carved oak and walnut panels, tiled stoves. Despite its proud name «Palace», the building is very modest. It is a simple rectangular two-level building covered with a triangular roof. The main decorations of the palace facades are the ornamental frieze and terracotta bas-reliefs in the frames between the first and second floors. The main entrance to the palace is marked with the magnificent sculptural composition. The Summer Palace is one of the first palaces in St. Petersburg built almost 300 years ago, which has not practically changed. The same can be said about the Dutch style. Most of the rooms have preserved original interior finish. Each floor has seven rooms. The first floor is known for its lobby whose walls are lined with carved oak panels divided by Ionic pilasters and tastefully designed Peter’s office. The second floor is famous for its Green Room finished with pictorial inserts, molding and gilding.