Uzbekistan Visa for Switzerland Citizens

Updated: 6 January 2023

Visa-free: Yes
Duration of stay: up-to 30 days
Transit visa: free

Uzbekistan established diplomatic relations with the Switzerland in 1992. Here you will find answers to all questions about a visa to Uzbekistan for Switzerland citizens.


The citizens of Switzerland do not need a visa to Uzbekistan for visits of up to 30 days.

Requirements to COVID-19

Since June 10, 2022, Uzbekistan has canceled all entry requirements related to COVID-19. To visit Uzbekistan, you do not need to present documents on vaccination or PCR testing.
When applying for travel insurance, please make sure that the plan covers the costs of COVID-19 treatment.

Contacts of the Embassies of Uzbekistan and Switzerland

Unfortunately, there are no representatives of the embassy of Uzbekistan in Switzerland. The following non-resident office is accredited embassy to Switzerland: The Embassy of Uzbekistan in Berlin, Germany.

Uzbekistan Embassy in Germany
Address: Perleberger Strasse 62, 10559 Berlin
Phone: (+4930) 394-09-80

Embassy of Switzerland in Uzbekistan
Address: 4, Usman Nosir str., Tashkent
Phone: (+998 71) 120-67-38 / 39