Arslanbob Waterfall, Kyrgyzstan

Arslanbob is known both for its two dramatic waterfalls, and for its huge swaths of walnut forests. In the village, a short walk from the center, is a smaller waterfall, falling only 23 m (75 feet). This is the more popular waterfall, as it is easier to reach, and can get quite crowded during the busy months. Across from the waterfall is a small cave, known as the Cave of 40 Angels, where a holy woman used to live.

Outside of the village is the larger waterfall. At 80 m (260 feet) tall, this waterfall is much more impressive, though a bit more difficult to reach. Trips can be easily organized, either on foot or on horseback, to reach the bigger waterfall. Traveling further back into the mountains beyond the waterfall are several religious sites, which can attract pilgrims.

The area around the village of Arslanbob is part of the world’s largest natural walnut forest, covering 11,000 hectares. The economy of the village is largely dependent on the walnut harvest, as well as other wild fruits, including apples, pears, and plums.