Constitution Day in Uzbekistan

December 8

Constitution Day in Uzbekistan is an important national holiday commemorating the adoption of the country’s founding laws. The Constitution of Uzbekistan was approved on December 8, 1992, having been preceded by 2.5 years of arduous work by the Constitutional Commission. When drafting the constitution, professional expertise from the UN, OSCE and other international organizations was implemented and the national situation taken into account. Uzbekistan’s constitution outlines the fundamental concepts of democracy and includes amendments introduced as late as 2017.

Constitution Day in Uzbekistan is a public, non-working holiday. Central streets in every city and town are decorated with the national flag and other patriotic décor. Concerts, exhibitions, sporting events and special performances are held in Tashkent and, despite the winter chill, receive a good turnout nearly every year.

Constitution Day The date of adoption of the main law of the country, the constitution, is the great public holiday. Uzbekistan adopted the constitution on December 8, 1992.