International Women's Day

International Women's Day: dedicated to all women of the world...

If in Russia in the early spring it is still snowy and frosty, then in Uzbekistan the 8th of March falls on nice and wonderful time, when the nature is finally awoke, revived and blossomed out with all colors, filling everything round with delightful scent. It is so resemble with wonderful image of a woman!

That is why at this holiday men with particular inspiration congratulate their beloved women: wives, friends, mothers, sisters, daughters and colleagues… “Armed” with flowers, champagnes and gifts (which they have been selecting in agony the whole previous week), they hurry to celebrate this event with their family, friends and colleagues.

And what is about beautiful ladies? On this day they are the heroines of a feast: fine toasts, poems, songs and dances are devoted to them. Especially the atmosphere of the holiday is perceptible in the capital. On the largest stage of the country, Istiklol Palace, the annual concert in honor of women is held with the participation of local pop stars. Greetings about beautiful ladies are heard from every stage of the capital: whether a night club or theatre. Usually premiers and performances of invited foreign pop stars are timed to this day.