The New Year’s Day in Uzbekistan

The New Year’s Day in Uzbekistan comes into every family

January 1

The New Year’s Day for citizens of Uzbekistan is one of the most favorite and long-awaited holiday. As a rule, at these magic days everyone expects a heavy snowfall which is not always happened in this dry region. But if on the New Year’s Day everything is covered with flurry snow, you may consider that holiday is the most possible: with crispy snow, pine fragrance, spicy smell of aspic, stood on the frost, making snowman and sledging...

This large international holiday comes into every family and of course is widely celebrated on national basis. The favorite of all kids and the symbol of the holiday, the green New-Year tree, appears on the main square of the capital, flashing with lights of garlands and balls. Young people gather here to hear the magical midnight striking of Tashkent chiming clock. And next days the square becomes the main center of public festivities. Especially kids enjoy, because here they are waiting for a Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden, as well as many other characters of favorite books and cartoons. Another children's entertainment center is a square near the city circus, where the plenty of rides, tents with toys and sweets are set, clowns and acrobats amuse kids.

Leisure time for adults is not less interesting and various. At these days theaters show wonderful festive performances, cinemas, cafes, clubs and restaurants are crowded. Every public house tries to excel with its original show program: performances of pop stars, funny contests and raffles, and certainly an outstanding New-Year disco party.

New Year’s Day In Uzbekistan the New Year’s Day is one of the most favorite and long-awaited holidays. Preparations that might start a month in advance result in a festive family gatherings on 31st of December