Day Tour: Ancient Settlements of Tashkent1 Day | Aktepa Yunus-Abad, Ming Urik, Aktepa Chilonzor, Shashtepa

Day Tour: Ancient Settlements of Tashkent

If you really want to go off the beaten path in Tashkent and discover sights that even a majority of locals don’t know about, then the Ancient Settlements of Tashkent tour is perfect for you. Visit the remains of ancient temples and fortresses, built thousands of years ago, next to modern buildings. From the edges of the city to the very center, this tour is great for enriching your experience in Tashkent and deepening your knowledge of this city, where contemporary life embraces history.

Tour itinerary:

Start the guided sightseeing city tour to the ancient settlements of Tashkent. Drive to the archaeological excavations of Aktepa Yunus-Abad (“ak-tepe” in Turkiс means “white hill”), built in the 5th century AD. This site protected Tashkent against invasions from the north up until the 8th century. Archaeological research shows that the complex also included the most ancient Zoroastrian temple in the past.
Continue to the next ancient settlement, Ming Urik, in the city center. Ming Urik translates as “thousands of apricots”, which comes from the large apricot garden laid out there in the past. In ancient times the settlement had the area of 43 hectares, but most has been destroyed as new buildings were built, leaving only a 16 m high hill. In 2008 archaeological research concluded that there was once a Zoroastrian temple here. Age of the temple showed that Tashkent was 2200 years old.
The next is Aktepa Chilonzor settlement. There are 29 rooms at Aktepa Chilonzor, which archaeologists relate to the lunar calendar, which counts 29 days in a month. The last settlement is Shashtepa, located in the southern part of Tashkent. In ancient times there was a fortress to protect the place against invasions from the south. Today, only only a 12 m high citadel has been preserved. Like Ming Urik, the remains of a Zoroastrian temple have been found here too.
Return to Tashkent and visit History Museum, one of the oldest museums of the Central Asia. Transfer to the hotel. End of the tour.
Duration of sightseeing tour: 4-5 hours


Price includes:

  1. Guided sightseeing tour;
  2. Entrance fees to the museums, mausoleums and other sights;
  3. Transport throughout the city tour.


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